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Find your most flattering jeans

Nothing epitomizes American style more than jeans--they're comfortable, casual and oh-so-sexy. No matter how many designer dresses and fabulous accessories you might have, your best-fitting pair of jeans is quite often the item you treasure (and wear) more than anything else you have stashed in your closet.

It's typical for women to have a mini-wardrobe of jeans styles that run the gamut from weekend casual or workwear appropriate to nighttime sexy. Finding variety in this category is easy, but finding the right fit is very often a true challenge.

Here is how to find the perfect pair of denim that feel like they're made just for you.

If you're short

Choose a classic style that doesn't overwhelm your small frame and one with a natural waist. Darker rinses can have an elongating look. Avoid wide-leg jeans and low rises.

Extra tips:
Wear legs slightly long, and pair your jeans with heels.
Skinny styles should also be long, not cropped.

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If you have a full bottom

Look for a dark, even wash with a slight flare and stretch. Steer clear of super-skinny jeans, high-waist styles and really wide legs. Try a slightly lower rise; it will allow room for the derrire.

Extra tips:
A boot-cut style will balance out the body.
Avoid small back pockets, which will make the behind look bigger.

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If you have a boyish figure

Pick low-rise, straight-leg styles with a fitted behind, and avoid flares cut for curvier shapes. Skinny jeans can be flattering for your shape.

Extra tips:
Slouchy boyfriend styles with feminine shoes can be chic.
You can get away with bigger, more detailed belts.
Tuck in your shirt to add shape.

If you're curvy

Search for styles with at least a bit of stretch and straight or flared legs. You might have to fit your hips and behind, then have a tailor take in the waist. Avoid super-low-cut styles that will sit mid-hip and skinny jeans that are too tight on the bottom half of your legs. For tighter styles, try going a size up and tailoring them.

Extra tips:
Dark washes are most slimming.
Opt for minimal hip details, avoid pocket embroidery.

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If you have a short waist

Look for a lower rise and a longer hem length. Resist high-waist styles and details around the top. If you like to wear belts, they should blend in by being slim and neutral.

Extra tips:
Skinny jeans with longer, untucked tops camouflage your waist.
Boyfriend styles that sit on the hips are great weekend alternatives.

If you have short legs

Styles that hit near your natural waist with straight or slightly flared legs are the most flattering. Avoid hop-huggers, cropped cuts and anything overly baggy.

Extra tips:
rouser jeans with a tucked-in blouse can whittle the waist.
Wear jeans with a cropped jacket to shorten the torso.

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