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How To Wear High Heel Shoes

How about some sexy lingerie with those Heels
High shoes and lingerie go together
How To Wear High Heel Shoes
Wearing a pair of Sexy high heel shoes is one of the most important things to do if you want to look sexy and turn heads from everyone.
It is almost irresistible to ignore a person walking by in a pair of high heel shoes.
Even if one just hears the sound the heels makes as they tap against the floor as you walk brings anticipation  (got to see who wearing those heels?. The moment you are seen there will be questions like these appearing in the spectators? head.
1.Can she walk in those high heels?
2.Does she look classy or trashy in those heels?
3.Does the shoes match the outfit? 
You are seen those models walk down the runway in those sexy heels. One of the main things you will notice is the confidence they have as they walk the catwalk.
This is what you must have in order to look good in high heels.
Because if you are ever seen someone walking in high heels and walked as if they feet are hurting, you know it is not a pretty sight. 
I prefer you start practicing wearing a closed in high heel shoes about a half an inch or an inch higher than what you are accustomed to.
If you want to jump to a heel more than an inch taller than what you are accustomed to, I suggest you use platform high heels. Because the platform heel shoes normally have an inch or two high sole so the heels will feel more stable. 
Then practice at home preferably on a wood floor. Concentrate on your balance first by walking slowly back and forth through your house.
As you feel more comfortable in your heels, start doing normal things around the house with your high heels on like talking on your cell phone while walking. Never look down while walking in your high heels that not sexy. If you have a full-length mirror you may watch yourself walk. 
Now is time to work on your style as you wear those sexy high heels shoes. You must first put in your mind that you look great and feel sexy.
As you walk the feet must work independently. Concentrate on placing one foot directly in front of the other keep your legs close together and shoes pointed straight as possible. . Do not walk like you are in a marching band, walk with a smooth natural motion. Let your body and arms swing free and relaxed as you walk, do not worry about your body movement because if you are walking placing one foot directly in front of the other, the body will naturally move seductively. 
Once you have accomplished this go up a half an inch to an inch to the next heel height and complete this exercise again until you have reach your high heel shos height goal. 
Soon you will be able to wear any high heels you want even high heel boots as well.
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