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How to Choose a Bikini

Warm weather means swimsuit season. For most women, it also means the dreaded trip to pick out this years bikini. However, this doesnt have to be a nightmare shopping trip. All you need to know to choose a bikini that is perfect for you is what type of body you have and what type of bikini will flatter you the most.
1,Straight, athletic figure
2.High cuts elongate the legs
3.Find what fits best
4.Strong support
5.Take care with certain elements of bikinis.
6.Have confidence

Try to find a store that allows "mix and match" tops and bottoms. These stores let you match a top that is exact for your bust size, and bottoms that fit your shape. Few people are one size fits all, so this proves to be the most tailored approach available.
Ties at the side give you the option of increasing the size or reducing it, to accommodate weight changes.
Dark colors draw attention away from weight. If you have a large bust, wear darker colors at the top.

Don't assume what worked last summer will work this summer. Our bodies and coloring change all the time. The trick is to try on the bikini and see if it works for you now.

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